perjantai 4. heinäkuuta 2014

Rukoilkaamme rauhaa päälle maan

Lorna Byrne kertoo että Syyria on keskeinen osa maailman tulevaisuutta. Rukoillaan Syyyrian tilanteelle rauhaa jotta vältyttäisiin valtavilta ihmishenkien menetyksiltä ympäri maailmaa, jotka vaikuttavat meihin kaikkiin. Enkelit sanovat Lornalle että emme ole rukoilleet tarpeeksi Syyrian puolesta ja meidän täytyy rukoilla että kaikki maailman johtajat ja Syyrian johtajat tekevät oikeat rauhanomaiset ratkaisut. 

Why We All Need To Pray For Syria 

I keep being shown crowds of children, thousands and thousands of them walking around clinging to each other, bewildered, not understanding how their parents have been killed, how their homes have been destroyed and how their very lives are in danger. I am shown these innocent children learning to hate, learning to want revenge.

I’m talking about Syria. Some people have asked me why I am so exercised by Syria. Why not Ukraine or Southern Sudan or any of the other places where there is terrible suffering?

I don’t fully know. All I know is that I am being told that Syria is a pivotal point for the world’s future. That if the situation in Syria is not resolved a major conflict could develop that leads to a massive loss of life all around the world, with consequences that impact us all. (You can read more about this and about the more hopeful outcome I am shown in my article for the Huffington Post here )
I am being told that we are not praying enough for Syria, that we need to pray that all the leaders of the world and Syria, and all involved in the Syrian conflict will listen and do the right thing.
I am really pleased that fifteen places of prayer from different religions (Muslim, Catholic, Jewish, Jain, Episcopalian,) in different countries (USA, Colombia, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Portugal, Spain) have accepted my invitation to a weekend of pray for Syria (starting this evening) and are dedicating their prayers to peace in Syria.

I will be joining them in prayer from my home in Ireland and I am inviting you to join us in prayer – either at the same time as one of these prayer services is happening, or on your own.

Do join us in this prayer. All our prayers count. Your prayer may be the one that makes the difference.

This evening we will be praying with the congregation of Saint Paul’s Episcopal church in Chestnut Hill , Philadelphia where Rev Cliff Cutler will lead a service of prayer on the peace labyrinth at 5.30 pm Est. time ( 10.30 pm here in Ireland and UK).
You can see a full schedule of the prayer events happening this weekend here

Looking at the Syrian crisis now, we may not, humanly, be able to see a solution. That's why we need to pray. Whatever our religion we all need to pray for the people involved in the conflict - even ones who we may think we despise.

Your prayer really counts.


P’s if you can give something even a euro or dollar to help those affected by the conflict you should do so also. I very much hope to shortly be able to announce a fundraising event in Ireland to help Syrian refugees

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